main aims

Firstly, one of her aims is to try to reduce poly-pharmacy in the elderly as well as to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions wherever possible by providing proactive and compassionate care.

Secondly, Dr Hodgkinson feels it is important to provide holistic and patient centred palliative care at the end of life, working seamlessly with nursing staff at the facility.

She will also involve specialists such as palliative care doctors or geriatricians where necessary.

Holding case conferences in order to collaborate with family members and nursing staff is invaluable in ensuring that every need is met at this important time.

Of paramount importance to Sian are integrity and respectful relationships in the workplace.

She welcomes the challenge laid down by General Practice to work in two ways.

Firstly to think laterally when dealing with a specific problem, often independent of other practitioners.

Secondly and conversely, to work within a multi-disciplinary team who respect and support each other towards the common goal – excellent patient care. 

This requires

respect, integrity and compassion.